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 Jab Masterz

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Dark Magician Dorm Leader

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PostSubject: Jab Masterz   Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:28 pm

Name: Jab Masterz
Nickname: JP
Age: 16
Height: 6’ 0’’
Weight: 155
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Birth Date: October, 10
Jab has two egos: kind and humorous, or serious and somewhat mean. His goal is to become a well known voice actor. His different personalities show up depending upon who he is around, and the situation he is in. When he is humorous, he’s telling jokes and is outgoing. Jab is the leader type of person. He’s always looking at his surroundings and keeps mental notes of people (how they act, how they treat others, etc.) The only thing that he fears in life is being consumed by the darkness. When he expresses himself he uses a lot of hand gestures or by his different stares. He also speaks confidently, and makes sure to speak clearly. Unlike most teens, Jab makes sure to walk as if he owns the world. He mostly values his necklace (which was given to him by his best friend). He desires to travel to the bottom of the ocean and see what it looks like. He loves pizza and cheesecake, plus likes the color blue. He enjoys listening to punk rock, hip-hop, and modern rock. He dresses a little preppy, but at the same time he has some punk mixed in.
Jab likes to wear preppy clothes with some punk mixed in. He wears black shoes that have a skull on them. He wears glasses because of his bad vision, and the glasses morph so that they cover his eyes from sand/water/wind/etc. And his most prized position that he wears around his neck is his necklace; the necklace has two accessories made of silver: an ace card & a half circle that says “Homies” (the other half, which his friend has, says “Forever”). On his left wrist he wears a silver watch, and on his right wrist he wears a wrist band that says “Never Give Up”. And he has his hover board strapped to his back.
He has black hair, which is mildly spiked up. His eyes are red, which tend to strike fear. Half of the time Jab will have a smirk on his face, and the other half of the time his face is completely serious. He has a scar that runs from the top of his nose to the middle of his left cheek. He is also a little bit muscular, but not much.
Jab grew up in the city. Of course the city he lived in was the best one in the entire world simply because his parents were rich. Jab was always alone when growing up; his parents were either on a business trip or were sleeping so that they could be well rested to go on a business trip. He was an only child; this also contributed to the aloneness, but he did have a best friend. They were both the same age and they were practically like brothers, but they only saw each other one week out of the year. Jab went to the best school that money could pay for. In his first year of elementary school he started with honors classes. He had whatever privileges he wanted, if he wished to walk out of class and just hang around or talk on the phone, he could do so. And of course he did because he still got bored, even though the classes were so advanced. Even though the school was for rich kids, he was the one with the most money there; everyone knew this. So all the friends he had were only his friends because of his money, and of course Jab knew this. Jab’s only true friends at the school were cards, whatever card game there was he would learn how to play and how to beat his opponent in a matter of seconds. Whenever a kid a bugged him at school he would rather have a card game with the kid instead of have his money take care of it. And whoever crossed him would lose miserably and then be verbally abused out of existence. Now he only did that to the ones who messed with him, because if it was a person that just wanted to have a fun game he would only beat them, and not put them down. By the end of his of elementary school years he was known as “Cold Vision”, simply because there was no way to see if he was bluffing, and he was really good at getting into a person’s heads and messing with them. When he got to middle school he was still wiping the floor with the kids who challenge him. This continued, and then he finally reached high school. One day, in his sophomore year, three kids where mad they had lost to him so they decided to gang up on him. What they didn’t know was that Jab had trained since he was little in the many different fighting arts. So Jab got out of the fight fine, except that one of the three kids managed to cut his face, leaving a scar that start from the nose and goes down diagonally to the middle of the cheek. The kids disappeared the next day (they had to move to a different part of the country). When Jab heard that they weren’t in school anymore he knew it was because he had money, and he was mad because he wanted to deal with it on his own. When he got home that day, he demanded that his parents sit down and listen to him. He told them about Duel Monsters and about an Academy that he wanted to attend. Of course they agreed and let him join the academy.
Other Info: He excels in all of his core classes at school. He’s very talented when it comes to acting and techy things. He comes from the average family, but he doesn’t really talk about them; although he would give his life for them.
Duel Disc:
Deck Master: Elemental Hero Absolute Zero


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Jab Masterz
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