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 New cards on KCVDS!

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Dark Seraphim
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Magician Of Black Chaos Dorm Leader
Dark Seraphim

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New cards on KCVDS! Empty
PostSubject: New cards on KCVDS!   New cards on KCVDS! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 4:40 pm

The new cards have arrived on KCVDS, check 'em out!!

~Destiny is not a matter of chance; it's a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved!~
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Dark Magician Dorm Leader
Dark Magician Dorm Leader

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New cards on KCVDS! Empty
PostSubject: Re: New cards on KCVDS!   New cards on KCVDS! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 5:08 pm

JUNK DESTROYER!!! Finally! lol

Ok these are some of the cards that are new on KCVDS:

* HA02-EN001 Naturia Beetle (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN002 Naturia Rock (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN003 Naturia Guardian (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN004 Naturia Vein (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN005 Genex Furnace (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN006 Genex Gaia (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN007 Genex Spare (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN008 Genex Turbine (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN009 Genex Doctor (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN010 Genex Solar (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN011 Dai-sojo of the Ice Barrier (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN012 Medium of the Ice Barrier (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN013 Mist Valley Baby Roc (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN014 Mist Valley Executor (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN015 Flamvell Grunika (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN016 Flamvell Baby (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN017 Ally Mind (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN018 Ally of Justice Nullfier (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN019 Ally of Justice Searcher (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN020 Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN021 Ally of Justice Thunder Armor (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN022 Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN023 Worm Linx (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN024 Worm Millidith (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN025 Worm Noble (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN026 Naturia Beast (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN027 Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN028 Thermal Genex (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN029 Geo Genex (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN030 Ally of Justice Field Marshal (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN031 Fabled Lurrie (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN032 Fabled Grimro (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN033 Fabled Gallabas (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN034 Fabled Kushano (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN035 Jurrac Protops (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN036 Jurrac Velo (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN037 Jurrac Monoloph (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN038 Jurrac Tyrannus (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN039 Naturia Antjaw (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN040 Naturia Spiderfang (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN041 Naturia Rosewhip (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN042 Naturia Cosmobeet (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN043 Genex Blastfan (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN044 Genex Recycled (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN045 Genex Army (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN046 Pilgrim of the Ice Barrier (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN047 Geomancer of the Ice Barrier (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN048 Mist Valley Falcon (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN049 Mist Valley Apex Avian (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN050 Ally of Justice Reverse Break (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN051 Ally of Justice Unlimiter (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN052 Worm Opera (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN053 Worm Prince (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN054 Worm Queen (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN055 Worm Rakuyeh (Super Rare)
* HA02-EN056 Fabled Valkyrus (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN057 Jurrac Giganoto (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN058 Naturia Leodrake (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN059 Windmill Genex (Secret Rare)
* HA02-EN060 Mist Valley Thunder Lord (Secret Rare)

* DREV-EN000 Scrap Archfiend (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN001 Earthquake Giant (Common)
* DREV-EN002 Effect Veiler (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN003 Dash Warrior (Common)
* DREV-EN004 Damage Eater (Common)
* DREV-EN005 A/D Changer (Common)
* DREV-EN006 Stronghold Guardian (Common)
* DREV-EN007 Playful Possum (Rare)
* DREV-EN008 Egotistical Ape (Rare)
* DREV-EN009 Uni-Horned Familiar (Common)
* DREV-EN010 Monoceros (Common)
* DREV-EN011 D.D. Unicorn Knight (Rare)
* DREV-EN012 Unibird (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN013 Bicorn Re'em (Common)
* DREV-EN014 Mine Mole (Common)
* DREV-EN015 Trident Warrior (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN016 Delta Flyer (Rare)
* DREV-EN017 Rhinotaurus (Common)
* DREV-EN018 Hypnocorn (Rare)
* DREV-EN019 Scrap Chimera (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN020 Scrap Goblin (Common)
* DREV-EN021 Scrap Beast (Rare)
* DREV-EN022 Scrap Hunter (Rare)
* DREV-EN023 Scrap Golem (Rare)
* DREV-EN024 Wattbetta (Common)
* DREV-EN025 Wattlemur (Common)
* DREV-EN026 Wattpheasant (Common)
* DREV-EN027 Naturia Mosquito (Common)
* DREV-EN028 Naturia Beans (Common)
* DREV-EN029 Naturia Bamboo Shoot (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN030 Amazoness Sage (Common)
* DREV-EN031 Amazoness Trainee (Common)
* DREV-EN032 Amazoness Queen (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN033 Lock Cat (Common)
* DREV-EN034 Elephun (Common)
* DREV-EN035 Synchro Fusionist (Rare)
* DREV-EN036 Ambitious Gofer (Rare)
* DREV-EN037 Final Psychic Ogre (Common)
* DREV-EN038 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare)
* DREV-EN039 Ultimate Axon Kicker (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN040 Thunder Unicorn (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN041 Voltic Bicorn (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN042 Lightning Tricorn (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN043 Scrap Dragon (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN044 Wattchimera (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN045 Blind Spot Strike (Common)
* DREV-EN046 Double Cyclone (Common)
* DREV-EN047 Scrapyard (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN048 Scrapstorm (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN049 Scrap Sheen (Common)
* DREV-EN050 Wattcine (Common)
* DREV-EN051 Naturia Forest (Common)
* DREV-EN052 Landoise's Luminous Moss (Rare)
* DREV-EN053 Amazoness Village (Rare)
* DREV-EN054 Amazoness Fighting Spirit (Common)
* DREV-EN055 Unicorn Beacon (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN056 Beast Rage (Common)
* DREV-EN057 Miracle Synchro Fusion (Common)
* DREV-EN058 Pestilence (Common)
* DREV-EN059 Cursed Armaments (Common)
* DREV-EN060 Wiseman's Chalice (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN061 Summoning Curse (Common)
* DREV-EN062 Pot of Duality (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN063 Desperate Tag (Common)
* DREV-EN064 Battle Instinct (Common)
* DREV-EN065 Howl of the Wild (Common)
* DREV-EN066 Parallel Selection (Rare)
* DREV-EN067 Reanimation Wave (Rare)
* DREV-EN068 Barrier Wave (Common)
* DREV-EN069 Chain Whirlwind (Common)
* DREV-EN070 Scrap Rage (Common)
* DREV-EN071 Wattcannon (Common)
* DREV-EN072 Amazoness Willpower (Rare)
* DREV-EN073 Queen's Pawn (Common)
* DREV-EN074 Beast Rising (Common)
* DREV-EN075 Horn of the Phantom Beast (Rare)
* DREV-EN076 Paradox Fusion (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN077 Solemn Warning (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN078 Anti-Magic Prism (Common)
* DREV-EN079 Chivalry (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* DREV-EN080 Light of Destruction (Common)
* DREV-EN081 Amazoness Scouts (Rare)
* DREV-EN082 Naturia Pineapple (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN083 D.D. Destroyer (Rare)
* DREV-EN084 Dark Desertapir (Rare)
* DREV-EN085 Psychic Nightmare (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN086 Guts of Steel (Rare)
* DREV-EN087 Amazoness Heirloom (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN088 Amazoness Shamanism (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN089 Super Rush Recklessly (Super Rare)
* DREV-EN090 Mystical Refpanel (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN091 Fabled Raven (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN092 Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN093 Miracle's Wake (Secret Rare)
* DREV-EN094 Flamvell Poun (Common)
* DREV-EN095 Flamvell Archer (Common)
* DREV-EN096 Flamvell Fiend (Common)
* DREV-EN097 Genex Worker (Common)
* DREV-EN098 Genex Power Planner (Common)
* DREV-EN099 Stygian Street Patrol (Secret Rare)

* TSHD-EN000 XX-Saber Boggart Knight (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN001 Blackwing - Ghibli the Searing Wind (Common)
* TSHD-EN002 Blackwing - Gust the Backblast (Rare)
* TSHD-EN003 Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN004 Changer Synchron (Common)
* TSHD-EN005 Card Breaker (Common)
* TSHD-EN006 Second Booster (Common)
* TSHD-EN007 Archfiend Interceptor (Common)
* TSHD-EN008 Dread Dragon (Rare)
* TSHD-EN009 Trust Guardian (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN010 Flare Resonator (Common)
* TSHD-EN011 Synchro Magnet (Common)
* TSHD-EN012 Infernity Mirage (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN013 Infernity Randomizer (Common)
* TSHD-EN014 Infernity Beetle (Rare)
* TSHD-EN015 Infernity Avenger (Rare)
* TSHD-EN016 Revival Rose (Rare)
* TSHD-EN017 Morphtronic Vacuumen (Common)
* TSHD-EN018 Bird of Roses (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN019 Spore (Common)
* TSHD-EN020 Fairy Archer (Common)
* TSHD-EN021 Biofalcon (Common)
* TSHD-EN022 Cherry Inmato (Rare)
* TSHD-EN023 Magidog (Rare)
* TSHD-EN024 Lyna the Light Charmer (Common)
* TSHD-EN025 Wattgiraffe (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN026 Wattfox (Common)
* TSHD-EN027 Wattwoodpecker (Common)
* TSHD-EN028 Koa'ki Meiru Sandman (Common)
* TSHD-EN029 Memory Crush King (Common)
* TSHD-EN030 Delta Tri (Rare)
* TSHD-EN031 Trigon (Common)
* TSHD-EN032 Testudo Erat Numen (Short Print)
* TSHD-EN033 Ronintoadin (Common)
* TSHD-EN034 Batteryman AAA (Common)
* TSHD-EN035 Batteryman Fuel Cell (Rare)
* TSHD-EN036 Key Mouse (Common)
* TSHD-EN037 Ally of Justice Core Destroyer (Rare)
* TSHD-EN038 Hunter of Black Feathers (Short Print)
* TSHD-EN039 Herald of Perfection (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN040 Black-Winged Dragon (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare)
* TSHD-EN041 Chaos King Archfiend (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN042 Infernity Doom Dragon (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN043 Splendid Rose (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN044 Chaos Goddess (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN045 Black-Winged Strafe (Common)
* TSHD-EN046 Cards for Black Feathers (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN047 ZERO-MAX (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN048 Infernity Launcher (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN049 Into The Void (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN050 Intercept Wave (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN051 Pyramid of Wonders (Rare)
* TSHD-EN052 The Fountain in the Sky (Rare)
* TSHD-EN053 Dragon Laser (Common)
* TSHD-EN054 Wattcube (Common)
* TSHD-EN055 Electromagnetic Shield (Rare)
* TSHD-EN056 Worm Call (Common)
* TSHD-EN057 Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier (Common)
* TSHD-EN058 Koa'ki Meiru Initialize (Common)
* TSHD-EN059 Dawn of the Herald (Common)
* TSHD-EN060 Forbidden Graveyard (Common)
* TSHD-EN061 Leeching the Light (Common)
* TSHD-EN062 Corridor of Agony (Short Print)
* TSHD-EN063 Power Frame (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN064 Blackwing - Backlash (Rare)
* TSHD-EN065 Blackwing - Bombardment (Common)
* TSHD-EN066 Black Thunder (Common)
* TSHD-EN067 Guard Mines (Rare)
* TSHD-EN068 Infernity Reflector (Common)
* TSHD-EN069 Infernity Break (Common)
* TSHD-EN070 Damage Gate (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN071 Infernity Inferno (Rare)
* TSHD-EN072 Phantom Hand (Common)
* TSHD-EN073 Assault Spirits (Common)
* TSHD-EN074 Blossom Bombardment (Common)
* TSHD-EN075 Morphtronics, Scramble! (Common)
* TSHD-EN076 Power Break (Common)
* TSHD-EN077 Koa'ki Meiru Shield (Rare)
* TSHD-EN078 Crevice into the Different Dimension (Common)
* TSHD-EN079 Synchro Ejection (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN080 Chaos Trap Hole (Short Print)
* TSHD-EN081 XX-Saber Darksoul (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* TSHD-EN082 Koa'ki Meiru Prototype (Rare)
* TSHD-EN083 Snyffus (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN084 Nimble Sunfish (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN085 Akz, the Pumer (Rare)
* TSHD-EN086 Saber Vault (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN087 Core Overclock (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN088 Wave-Motion Inferno (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN089 Infernity Barrier (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN090 Genex Controller (Common)
* TSHD-EN091 Genex Undine (Common)
* TSHD-EN092 Genex Searcher (Rare)
* TSHD-EN093 X-Saber Palomuro (Common)
* TSHD-EN094 X-Saber Pashuul (Common)
* TSHD-EN095 Hydro Genex (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN096 Ally of Justice Light Gazer (Super Rare)
* TSHD-EN097 Genex Neutron (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN098 Infernity Destroyer (Secret Rare)
* TSHD-EN099 Koa'ki Meiru Bergzak (Secret Rare)

New cards on KCVDS! 6b0144cf0ff439c8fa28815e502f0ddd-d30f1yg
~Luna Diviner~
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New cards on KCVDS! Empty
PostSubject: Re: New cards on KCVDS!   New cards on KCVDS! I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 18, 2010 2:08 am

MEH! Razz

DMG has way more than that and has more cards lolz Razz
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New cards on KCVDS! Empty
PostSubject: Re: New cards on KCVDS!   New cards on KCVDS! I_icon_minitime

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New cards on KCVDS!
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